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I always go to the library on Thursday nights intending to read my German reading over and over again until I understand it, but this never ever happens.  It is Thursday night.  I am so burned out, I can't even focus on the internet.

Enough complaining.  Must work.

I wish I knew how to speak German.  Fuck.
Holy shit I don't want to write this German paper.

By the time I go home tonight I will have spent upwards of 10 hours in the library today.

I really hate Paradise Lost.

So much for midterms being easy.  Why isn't it spring break yet?!

OMG Jr. High flashbacks

The worst thing about this video?  THEY'RE COMPLETELY SERIOUS.  Also, all Mormon churches look the same.  I swear I've been to most of these places.

In other news, my presentation in lit. theory went pretty well, except we watched Psycho the night before, so the whole time I was trying to talk about Barthes, I had Busta Rhymes stuck in my head.

And then I skipped class because I'm too tired and headache-y to do anything besides work on my J-sem project, which actually means, fool around on the internet.


Mar. 4th, 2009

I put on a white shirt this morning and what's the first thing I do?  Spill coffee on it.  I think my emergency bathroom stain removal operation was successful, at least.

As I sit here in the library about to start hacking away at my work, this is the song that's stuck in my head:

Creepy?  Y/N

I just finished my second annotation for Nathalia.  Only 18 more to write before April 7th!  She wasn't very clear on how she wanted me to deal with the old gossip-y sources, though.  Her advice seemed directed more towards the critical history half of the project.  I'll probably have to talk to her again, which I don't mind at all because Nathalia's awesome.  Also, I got a check plusPLUS on the thing I wrote about Stephen Greenblatt, despite the fact that the summit books I wanted to use didn't arrive in time.  I am very proud.

Anyway, this means I've basically finished all my work for my classes about 22 hours early.  Go me!  And midterms shouldn't be all that hellish, either, because the workload for J-Sem is pretty steady and my lit. theory paper isn't due until after spring break.  So all I have to do is write another German paper, which will be shitty but doable.  And then, spring break!  I will hopefully get to go to Ashland and sleep a lot and work on my J-sem project.  Yesss.

My viola lesson this afternoon turned into an impromptu therapy session.  I mean, I was doing okay, but Vicki and I seem to be a lot alike, so it's nice to talk about things with her.  I feel sort of bad for "wasting" my lesson time–I even practiced this week!–but it was good for me.

And now I have some free time.  I actually don't know what to do with myself.

I'm trying to carry my computer around less, in hopes that it will lead to less procrastinating and a backpack that doesn't upset my balance too much.  Unfortunately, sitting in the old pit trying to do my reading this afternoon, I realized why I need it.  I got three different songs stuck in my head and I couldn't listen to them.  Kayleigh, you will say, why is this a problem?  Sigh, my LJ friends just don't understand me.  This shit is important, especially when I'm sitting in the library and can't even hum offending songs to myself while I'm doing my reading.

I've been doing a lot of (bad) singing lately.  The midnight Beatles-in-the-quad episode from this weekend was made possible by all the singing I do walking home to the Wimbledons in the middle of the night.  What have I not been doing?  Practicing viola, at all, ever.  I blame David Schiff for guilting me into going to orchestra.

On the plus side, though, Mendelssohn is actually cooler than I thought.  As it turns out, the Suzuki piece that drove me completely nuts in my youth was actually written by Dvorak, and I forgave him years ago anyway.  And Mendelssohn's violin concerto is pretty awesome too.  I should still practice, though. 

Argh fuck I don't have enough time.  This is basically the story of my entire academic career.

Feb. 17th, 2009

I have an hour and a half to write another half a page or so.  I would feel better about it if it hadn't taken me the past two hours to write about that much–and I want to do at least a bit of editing too.

Okay, okay, so I spent the first 25 minutes or so of that two hours checking facebook/LJ/political blogs.  This is doable.  I have a large coffee and the original soundtrack of Sweeney Todd.  These are desperate times and desperate measures must be taken!

I had a quick chat with Robert in Paradox Lost about nothing in particular.  I'm proud of myself, however, because I really feel like I finally have concrete, useful relationships with a fair number of Professors.  This has its downsides for someone like me, however.  I keep running into John and having to make polite conversation with him while we walk in the same direction.  I adore the man and if I do succeed in passing German, it will be entirely due to him, but God I hate having to make polite conversation.  Also, I have a feeling that one of these I'm going to break down and start apologizing over and over again for how much I suck at German, and that would just be embarrassing.

Okay, time to stop procrastinating and get back to work.

Feb. 17th, 2009

It is past midnight, I have written 3/4s of a page of a paper that should be, at minimum, 2 pages and is due in 14 hours, and the online dictionary that I refer to constantly while writing my German papers because my vocabulary fucking sucks is suddenly throwing a hissy fit and refusing to load.

I hate German and I want to cry.

I think my only option at this point is to go to bed and try to sleep and then come back here as early as possible tomorrow morning.


Feb. 13th, 2009

My dream last night involved a ski mask made out of an animal hide.  I can only imagine how uncomfortable that would be in real life.

I have my first actual German session of my German film class in an hour and a half, and I still don't know how to speak German.  I'm so, so fucked.  Hopefully John will take pity on me.  The article we're reading is kind of connected to some of the research I did for my J-Sem explanation of Stephen Greenblatt, though, so maybe I'll be able to get away with only mumbling something about the relationship between art and culture and then staring out the window.

There's a check waiting for me at the business office!!

I need to track down Michael Faletra and find out if he knows anything about Ben Jonson.

EDIT:  Michael Faletra just introduced me to the reference section of the library.  This is what Reed College is all about, guys.

If all I needed to do this semester was my J-Sem project, I'd spend all day in the library and be happy as a clam.  Why, oh God, do I have to take German?


Snow!  Power outage in the library!

Also, I am blonde today.