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The Evolution of My Travel Plans

Friday Night- Allie tells me that no cab companies are taking reservations.  Grumpily accept that I'll have to drag my ass to the bus stop at 6 in the morning.

Saturday Morning– Get a call from my brother, relaying the rather confused message from my dad that my flight got cancelled.  Spend an hour listening to my brother talk about his love "life".

Saturday Afternoon–Go over to Allie's for reliable internet and re-book my flight.  Southwest can't get me on anything until Tuesday morning.  I snap it up anyway.

Then I call my Mom, who tells me that my late arrival time on Tuesday may mean that we can't go to Spokane for Christmas.  Am terrified by the idea of spending the entirety of the holidays with only my immediate family.  Decide to call Lorraine to see if I could fly directly to the Spokane airport.  She doesn't pick up, and neither does my cousin.

Saturday Evening– Get a call from Jen (the cousin), who brilliantly suggests just taking the train to Vancouver.  Alas, I have no passport because I've been to lazy to go and renew in (must do that over break).  We decide that I should take the bus/train to Seattle.  We run into problems when we find that no buses or trains arrive in Seattle between the hours of 1 AM and 1 PM, and my family wants to be driving out of the city long before 1 PM.  I assure them that I'll find someplace to stay overnight in Seattle (HA!), hang up, and take things into my own hands.

Later–after scouring the greyhound website I discover that there is a bus that leaves Portland at 9 PM and arrives in Seattle and 9 AM the next morning.  I wonder, for a minute, how they manage to stretch a 3-hour drive into a 12-hour drive, but decide not to think about it and buy the ticket.  After I have paid money for the thing I am able to see the full itinerary: the bus arrives in Tacoma at 1 AM and then doesn't leave until 8 AM, which means that I would be spending 7 hours in the Tacoma bus station.  Imagine that it will be horrendously boring, but figure it will be survivable.  Congratulate myself on finally solving my travel problems.  Eat dinner, make blondies and watch The Big Sleep at Allie's, then go home and sleep.

This Morning– Get a call from my mom soon after waking up.  Lorraine had contacted her with dire predictions about the safety of the Tacoma bus station.  I begin to mentally hit myself for buying the $8-cheaper non-refundable ticket.  A call to Greyhound confirms that I wouldn't have been able to leave the city tonight anyway.  Mom calls Lorraine again, and they decide that the best option is for me to take the bus straight to Spokane.  In the background my uncle says, "Why doesn't she just fly to Spokane?" which was my original idea.

My mom just purchased a ticket on Southwest–luckily we have some point-type-things with them from getting some earlier flights refunded.  I leave Portland on Tuesday afternoon, arrive in Spokane an hour later.  Who knows if this will actually happen.  The saga continues!  Stay tuned...

(this program brought to you by the free Wimbledon wireless that I am stealing presumably from the clubhouse.  I love this apartment already.)


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Dec. 22nd, 2008 06:20 am (UTC)
Sam had a Southwest flight today that was totally canceled. Apparently Southwest is having a lot of technical problems with the snow. Beware! And good luck.
Dec. 22nd, 2008 06:39 am (UTC)
Thanks. I'm guessing you made it home? What did Sam end up doing?

I'm hoping that since my flight isn't until late Tuesday afternoon they'll have everything figured out...
Dec. 22nd, 2008 06:47 am (UTC)
I'm hoping by Tuesday things will have cleared up.

Sam has a cousin in Portland who is going to drive him up to Spokane, where the Williams clan is apparently gathering. He will also be staying with this cousin as opposed to in my apartment.
Dec. 22nd, 2008 11:35 am (UTC)
DUDE if you are still in pdx Monday, we should hang out. im getting cabin fever. 206 3269336
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